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Visibility   Advantages   Convenience
Placing your Banner with a link directly to your Gift Certificates page not only increases traffic to your business and to your website, but it sends customers to a place where they can purchase a gift for their loved ones from your business.   We place the Spotlight on your Business and Remind our visitors that your online presence is easily accessible and ready to accept their patronage. Our Depot of Gift Certificates will be growing everyday as new businesses realize the benefits of joining our network of local establishments   Besides saving the time and traveling expenses of your potential customers, you give them the opportunity to purchase last minute gift certificates after business hours and on their time schedule, allowing for last second purchases which offers a great service to our visitors and potentially your future customers.
Ease of Purchase   Potential for New Customers   One Stop Shop
By Simply clicking on your Banner/Link, your customer is exactly where they can purchase their Gift Certificate(s). They dont have to spend the time and gas driving to your establishment during your business hours in order to have a gift certificate written out which also takes time, time and convenience has become the enemy of the small business owner up until now. Takes just a few minutes, no gas, and can be purchased after business hours 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year-round.  

The Upcoming Holidays provide a Great Opportunity to open your internet doors to new customers and clients as Gift Certificates become the Gift of Choice when push comes to shove. Gift Cards to the major department stores are dominating the Marketplace because local businesses dont have the marketing budget the big guys have.

  Our Visitors are looking for gift ideas for their loved ones, they can surf through our categorical listings and make multiple purchases at any time of day, without spending a dime in gas. Our visitors dont necessarily know which businesses the are going to purchase gift certificates from, but chances are they will make purchases when they find their perfect gift idea. Our Community of Businesses will be growing everyday which will provide a gift-filled purchasing environment for our visitors.
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Many businesses offer in-store gift card or gift certificate sales to their consumers but have been reluctant to offer them online due to the initial investment and monthly costs associated with building a customized solution.

Now there is a great and easy solution for all businesses!
     The Vastness of the Internet makes it very difficult to stand out and be seen by those surfing the web, Internet Presence is becoming harder to attain and more costly. Simply having a website or facebook page is not enough anymore, the search engines make it easier for those looking for you to find you, but what about all those millions of potential customers who don't know the name of your website or your facebook page, or simply aren't looking for you at all.
     This is the reason you need to find niche markets to promote and attract new customers and stand out to our visitors who were not searching for your business in the search engines because they were still trying to figure out their gift ideas for each of their loved ones. The potential for new customers through this platform is greater than most because our visitors are shopping for gifts not visiting for information.
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